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Lagafors Marine


Lagafors Marine is the innovative cleaning system adapted for the marine industry.

All the technology in the marine industry requires unique and customized solutions. Lagafors Marine does just that to ensure the highest efficiency and reliability on ships and platforms in demand of high capacity cleaning solutions.


Medium Pressure Pump - MWP 80250 R

Lagafors® MWP 80250 R is a horizontally mounted centrifugal pump with air cooled engine, including frequency converter and electrical cabinet with PLC-control. The pump is mounted on a stainless steel frame and is equipped with pressure dampers.

Low Pressure Centre - LWP 10 CB

The Lagafors® LWP 10 CB low-pressure centre (Low Water Pressure, Combi Booster) is designed for cleaning with pressurized water as well as chemical and disinfectant solutions.

Low Water Pressure Pump - LWP 40

Lagafors® LWP 40 (Low Water Pressure, Stationary Booster), is designed for cleaning with pressurized water and it is to be connected to a number of Lagafors Variable Media Satellites (VMS II).

Low Pressure Injector - CDE II S/D/T

The Lagafors® Low Pressure Injector, or CDE II (Chemical dosing equipment), is a functional, low-cost unit for flushing with water and application of foam/chemical solutions.