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Mobile Foam Unit – MFU 75


The mobile foam unit MFU 75 from Lagafors® is used for the application of chemical and disinfectant solutions in powder or liquid format. The dosing is done manually directly into the tank, only pressurized air must then be added. The whole unit is made of stainless material and is easy to move thanks to the smooth trolley function. The unit is especially suitable for the cleaning of smaller areas, alternatively when extra cleaning force is needed on one particular spot.

The MFU 75 can be used for cleaning applications in e.g. slaughterhouses, meet processsing industries, dairies, breweries, fish industries and other places where a high level of hygiene is required.

The delivery includes:
• 20 metre hose (66 ft) with shut-off valve.
• Lances for application of foam or liquid.